The biologist explained the growth of

we should Not dramatize the increased incidence of coronavirus in St. Petersburg, said head of the laboratory at the Institute of experimental medicine, Larissa Catilina.

She reminded that in June, the statistics kept at around 200 reported cases every day, and now the number is nearing 300. However, this does not mean that the difference is significant, said the interviewee.

“the Surge still is the rise in two or three times,” said the biologist.

According to her, the growth of statistics has affected the easing of restrictions against the coronavirus, the indiscipline of citizens who have forgotten about personal protective equipment, as well as improving the test coverage.

“Remember, in June there were good days, people sunbathe, swim, lay nearby. No social distance. Mask now, many are not, it’s a recommendation for public places, but not the obligation, as before,” said Catilina.

In her opinion, there are no arguments to return to the practice of strict prohibitions.

According to the latest data, in St. Petersburg revealed 26 389 thousand cases of a new type of coronavirus, died on 1 thousand 484 people. The level of mortality among the regions of Northern capital came in second place after Moscow.

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