The biologist on the easing of restrictions: Unfortunately, we Chinese a feat not repeated

In phases to mitigate “antiviral” restrictions have their own stage in order to promptly react to the situation at COVID-19, but to drive home for a quick fix will not work. This at a press conference in TASS said the Deputy Director on innovative work of the St. Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur, Alexander Semyonov.

According to him, the reason to reduce restrictions in Russia are available.

“But we must understand that the restrictions introduced by stages, and each stage involves a complex of some aspects of our lives, where there can be a transfer and the spread of infection. All of them vary high risk. <...> And the movement for the removal of the restrictions will be phased in, that is first cancelled one stage, but it in the first place are weakening the least risky” — explained the procedure Semenov.

He cited the example of bans on mass events. An improvement is planned to allow gatherings of people in one place, but the first 50 people, said a virologist. The same logic applies to the work cafe: first open the least roomy.

“Now there is progressive, unfortunately, a slow decline in morbidity. I would, of course, faster. But, alas, we Chinese a feat not repeated and all not to force a run home. We will not survive”, — concluded the virologist.

According to the latest figures, Russia has registered 423 thousand 741 case COVID-19, died on 5 thousand to 37 people.

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