The biologist told us how to protect fruit trees from weevil

With the advent of heat is increasingly encroaching pests on fruit trees growing in suburban areas. Among them weevils that damage buds, flowers and later the fruits apples, pears, plums, cherries and other trees. How to get rid of the weevil at his dacha, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Tamara Vasilyeva, candidate of biological Sciences, leading researcher, all-Russian research Institute of plant protection.

According to Vasilyeva, the weather conditions — a decisive factor in determining the number of weevils and their harmfulness. Most favorable is a warm weather — almost immediately after the onset of heat, you can see that the bug was damaging the plants.
“If you do not fight the weevil, it can spoil up to 60% of the crop. So we need to carefully track the emergence of the pest. If the first pink Bud you see the point, it already says that there is an intense infection,” warns biologist.

a Good way to prevent infection may be periodic shaking of the branches of the plants, says Tamara Vasilieva.

“This is a folk remedy — but under the tree, you need to lay the paper or film. And shake the branches from time to time. Some insects will be down below — explains the biologist. But the most effective way of getting rid of the weevil is the use of special drugs included in the list recommended for use in private cottages. An important condition — they cannot be applied during flowering of plants, be sure to look at the phase of development of the tree and spray the tree to the buds. Another condition is to use drug costs in the recommended standards, not overstate or understate them.”

among the drugs against weevils permitted for use on garden plots according to the State catalogue for the year 2020 on Apple, the following: Biotin, VRK (200 g/l imidanLapide), but the taste, VRK (200 g/l Imidacloprid). Both tools should be diluted in a ratio of 3 ml per 10 l water and spray before flowering. The flow of the working fluid from 1 to 5 liters per tree depending on tree age, variety and volume of the crown.

the Drug Fufanon-Nova, re (440 g/l Malathion) should be diluted in a ratio of 13 ml / 10 l of water. Means INTA-C-M, TAB (29 g/kg cypermethrin + 140 g/kg of Malathion) is sold in tablets — one piece per 10 liters of water. The same diluted and Carbonin, TAB (29 g/kg cypermethrin + 140 g/kg of Malathion). All of these drugs, the tree can be sprayed twice during the growing season.

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