The biologist told us how to save the potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle

the Number and fecundity of Colorado potato beetle in most regions of Russia reaches its peak in July. How to cope with the pest and save the crop, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Tamara Vasilyeva, candidate of biological Sciences, leading researcher, all-Russian research Institute of plant protection.

“the abundance of the Colorado potato beetle is very affected by weather conditions — for example, in the North-West of Russia in this year, they are not too favorable. Winter without snow a lot of bugs fell ill and died, and the new due to the prolonged cool spring came later. Therefore, the number of them in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region is small, and for local gardeners, it is sufficient to treat the tubers with special preparations,” — said Tamara Vasilieva.

So, among the allowed and safe drugs are permitted for use according to the state catalogue for the year 2020: “Maxim Cruiser”, which can process the seeds of “Karate Zeon”, “Konfidor”, “Aktara”, “Mospilan”. All dosages can be viewed in the directory.

“the quality of the crop, these drugs do not influence, they have passed environmental and medical evaluation. However, it is important to buy medications in accordance with the approved list of prescribed dosage and frequency of sprays,” said Tamara Vasilieva.

According to her, there are two ways to control the Colorado potato beetle: the first of vegetating plants, the second — when, the beetle appears and begins oviposition.

“If one Bush you will notice 10-15 larvae, it is a signal that need spraying. If you handle the hive at this point, you can reduce the frequency of sprayings later, it is more efficient — said the expert. — The second option — processing of tubers before planting, it “rests” for about a month and helps to reduce the number of bugs”.

the Biologist noted that if the beetles are already there, can be trimmed — but there are risks that arrive new, and the result will be.

“If you have no more than two acres of potatoes, you can adopt it and use folk remedies regularly to go through the rows and a broom to brush off the maggots and beetles in the bucket” — gives advice Tamara Vasilieva.

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