The biologist told what to do when meeting a moose on the road

Candidate of biological Sciences Pavel Glazkov has told on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, how to protect yourself when meeting with a moose in the roadway.

According to experts, is to slow down and go around the animal from behind. To go round the side of the head, however, will not work, because moose doesn’t change the trajectory. You should refrain from trying to honk the horn because moose may become frightened and rush to the side of the car, said Glazkov.

“He is long-legged. Especially if you are coming by car, you should clearly trimmed his feet, and in the literal sense of the word concrete slab flies you to the salon, — said the source. — If you are a driver, then move to the front, because the carcass falls to the roof. Head under the steering wheel and the rack are pressed. If you are a passenger, too.”

As the expert noted, the animals run out on the road due to natural migration. The peak of this process of elks is in may. Aggravates the situation and increase the number of roads, widening of lanes, so that the animals are not always able to jump, summed up Holes.

recently, the Petersburgers and inhabitants of Leningrad region often report wild animals on the roadway. In June, social media users posted photos and videos from moose in Kolpino and Murino.

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