The biologist told when mosquitoes will become less aggressive

There is an opinion that the activity of the mosquitoes affected by the exit of Russians from the isolation mode. Candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of entomology, St. Petersburg state University Vladimir Ivanov did not agree with this statement. The aggressiveness of the insects in recent times is due to other factors, said entomologist in conversation with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

“They don’t care, there was a pandemic or not. The female mosquitoes do not need more blood than is required for the maturation of the larvae. They become more hungry. Their activity is due to the population increase. First, there was abundant rain, there were puddles and other indentations with water, which created a natural habitat and the conditions for the deposition of larvae,” said Ivanov.

the Second factor he called the warm winter of 2019-2020, which is also influenced by the amount of insects. According to the entomologist, after some time mosquitoes will be less.

“June was the peak of their mass activity. In July and especially in August, they will be less,” — said the source.

Earlier, the entomologist, doctor of biological Sciences Anatoly Zakharov said that mosquitoes become more aggressive as fill the supply deficit that is associated with isolation. According to the expert, the more people on the streets, the more people will behave in insects.

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