The blast damaged half of Beirut and killed 30 people, was only 200 times weaker than the Hiroshima (video)

Experts have made a rough estimate of the power of the monstrous explosion in the Beirut port, the consequences of which affected half of the city. This writes Regnum with reference to “Telegram channel Alexander Mikhailov”.

Could blow up the equivalent of 50 to 100 tons of TNT. Experts remind that a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima was more powerful than about 200 times.

In turn, the middle Eastern seismologists have compared the explosion to an earthquake of 4.5 points.

Note that the Governor of Beirut, commenting on the incident, which claimed the lives of at least 30 people and, according to the “red cross”, which caused injuries in 2.2 million inhabitants, compared with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hospitals in the Lebanese capital-crowded, and the wounded were taken to suburban hospital.

the Explosion, which was a double, caused a large fire, the extinguishing from the air.

Fires are still burning in the aftermath of that explosion Beirut. More to come.

— The Recount (@therecount) August 4, 2020

Among the victims of the explosion, which, according to preliminary information, occurred inside the port area since 2004, storage of explosives, the General Secretary of the party, “al-Kataib” Nizar Nazarian.

Also affected employee of the Russian Embassy and the Consul of Kazakhstan.

There is damage on the buildings of Russian, Kazakh and Armenian embassies, the residence of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, the international airport.

according to CNN, the President sent the military to patrol affected by the explosions in the streets. Defense Council discusses the incident, the reasons of state of emergency. Presumably, the huge destruction caused by the explosion of ammonium nitrate.

the Authorities declared Wednesday a day of mourning.

Several States, in particular Turkey, Qatar, Israel and France have offered Lebanon assistance in the aftermath of a large-scale emergency.

UPD. The death toll in Beirut grew to 40, the wounded — to 2,5-3 thousand.