The borders of Europe can be re-closed because of the pandemic

the Borders in Europe can re-close due to the coronavirus. This option is possible in case of a sharp rise in the number of infected in any country of the EU, said foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas, reports DW.

He said that these decisions should be coordinated and proceed to a vote on the EU level.

Recall from the may borders within the EU and the Schengen area gradually open. It is planned that in July can be removed restrictions on entry to the EU for those arriving from South Korea and New Zealand. Tourists from Russia, USA and Brazil will be allowed to enter only in exceptional cases. The reason for the prohibition of entry or permission would be the number of infections CIVUD-19 in the country in the past two weeks per 100 thousand inhabitants should be 16 or less cases.

Add the following, from July 1, Germany holds the EU presidency. Germany has previously outlined its main objectives — agreement on the programme of assistance to the economies of the EU until 2027, the negotiations on Brexit and a clear positioning of the EU in a competitive relationship with the USA, China and Russia.

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