“Paris-Nantes is in less than two hours by TGV, I re-re-renew our proposal for a TGV offer adapted to your specific needs, for our common interests: safety, speed, services and eco-mobility”, a-t- he suggested in a tweet in reaction to a video of Italian midfielder Marco Verratti on the PSG plane posted on social media.

Friday evening, PSG went to win 3-0 on the lawn of FC Nantes and made the round trip, as they do almost every time, by plane.

The boss of the TGV has thus made his contribution to the debate on the use of the plane, and in particular that of private jets which has recently raged within the French political class. Some on the left and among environmentalists strongly wish to frame it because of the carbon impact of such a mode of transport.

On Friday, the anti-globalization association Attac pointed the finger at the attitude of PSG player Lionel Messi, whose private jet has made 52 flights since June, “i.e. 1,502 tonnes of CO2”. “It’s as much as a Frenchman in 150 years”, underlined the organization, also calling for regulating the use of private jets.