Before the film adaptations of Spider-Man by Sam Raimi, the super-heroes and comic books have remained a kind of niche. But the popularity of the films of the director of Evil Dead put the panties and spandex on the front of the pants. In 2004, Pta in the framework of the magazine Tchô! even includes a section on the super-hero. Tebo, a fan fanatic of the genre and which militates for such a topic since several years, is required – with success – on the project. The readership responds to this as soon as the first gags, a passion that the magazine had not been known for Titeuf.

It was more that he needed to decide to continue the adventure in the format album. The creative duo went on to gags without ever repeating for a decade and produced six albums of great quality. An adaptation to the cartoon ends up sitting the success of the series.

Consecration ultimate, they are carrying out a adventure with Gotlib where Captain Biceps faces Superdupont. This is the last COMIC strip that will Gotlib.

After the sixth volume released in 2014 – the two men having the impression to have done the tour of the subject fall the costume of the Biceps at the bottom of a closet. The desire to work together again, associated with the success of the films of super-heroes – which has helped to democratize many of the characters – encourages Captain Biceps to take the gloves. Fifteen years after its debut, the super-hero distinct has not taken any ride… and the gags are as impactful as his uppercuts.



In this board, taken from the 7th album, the two authors have decided to pay homage to the most famous creators of super-heroes: Stan Lee. Captain Biceps is facing the scriptwriter tricked out of a superpower to reveal the super-hero from his imagination. This board was made before the death of the “man of caméos”. Glénat

To Zep, when the duo began work on Captain Biceps , they had available a small herd of super-heroes is part of the popular culture collective. Outside of Spider-Man , Batman , the Hulk the list was very limited and the authors have even had to invent a super-hero. This seventh album is full of real super-heroes “parodied” which are now known by everyone.

For Tebo, while the creator or co-creator of more than 200 super-heroes, Stan Lee became famous with his caméos in the Marvel movies. He himself became a sort of hero of his universe.

The Box COMIC : “Captain Biceps, tome 7” with Zep and Tebo – Watching on Figaro Live

This plate follows the style of Captain Biceps: an adversary appears in the beginning of the story, and the Biceps closes the history of a victorious cry. The important thing is what happens between these two boxes. The stories of Biceps are not gags at the falls.

The birth of this story, beyond the obvious of inviting Stan Lee, came the idea of the two boxes where Stan Lee can’t control his creative genius and who summons the avatars of super-heroes that come out of his head or his ears and then another hole up to literally “lay the Hulk”.

The choice of the super-hero on this board is most particular. Zep has left the choice of the characters from the board Tebo and focused on the dialogues. In the first place appears to be Spider-Man, the most mythical of them and of The Thing whose destruction imaged is a gag in itself. Then, priority to novelty, to avoid using in this board of characters contained elsewhere in the album with well known characters thanks to the movies like Black Widow, Daredevil, and the lizard Man.

The foot-of-nose Captain America

For Captain America, Tebo has inserted this character as a “nose”. The creator of the leader of the Avengers was originally created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, not Stan Lee. This is a kind reminder that Stan Lee is not the only creative in the world of comics, and Jack Kirby in addition to being a designer of genius, has its place in the pantheon of comics (the Fantastic 4, the X-Men, the surfer silver, Captain America, etc). Tebo is even “appalled” that person will never mention Jack Kirby.

Picky and attention to detail, Tebo spends an indecent amount of time on each board. There are generally no settings, and it is therefore necessary that the action and the text prevent the latter seem empty. It is also necessary to give justice to the story imagined by Zep, this is one of the reasons Tebo to sublimate. This imposes an additional constraint, never recycle or gimmick, neither blows of the Biceps. Each of the onomatopoeia not only is unique, but in addition Tebo customizes hand-the fonts used on the board, “to avoid having a too bland, too stiff.”

Pta states: “Captain Biceps is closer to theater than cinema. It is not possible to play on a variation of framing and all of the characters are walk-in. There are exceptions from time to time, such as at the center of this board, the close up on the face of Stan Lee, which brought out Captain America and Black Widow to his ears.” This constraint implies to keep the characters at the same scale. This is the reason why there has not been any story with Galactus the devourer of the planet. There should be a tip, reading the COMICS to 90°, for example. Even if a gag featuring a “mini Galactus” (which ends up at the dentist) has been created in one of the first six albums.

As a small theatre

another parallel with the theatre is the lack of decor. It is also according to Tebo a way to keep the reader on the essential: the scene of a fight. Only objects can be introduced more of the characters. In the bottom left of the box, when Biceps slap in the face to Bruce Banner, his hand splits in two to illustrate the back-and-forth, and the speed of super-heroes. It is a very rare use in Tebo, who confirms not liking the traits of speed or other artifacts that tend to drown out the drawing. “For me,” says Tebo, it is the position of the characters who created the movement. Only the very complex movements that require a dash of speed.” For Pta, the more traits of speed, less speed, since it happens on positions extremely static. “Except in the manga, says Tebo, because they have a lot more pages, and they can play with not to ‘spoil’.”

Captain Biceps was originally a section in the magazine Tchô . The concept was to present a hero known and do face Biceps and where the small cartridge introduction in the first box in the top left.

Finally in the last box, the Hulk short, crushing Stan Lee, still clinging to his foot. It is not in a more symbolic manner of “kill the father”… right, legacy of the format “heading” fire Tchô magazine , is the cartridge “did you know?”. This inset, the favorite of Zep, can explain the origin of the characters or to insert an anecdote. Conversely it is an ordeal for the artist who, in the boxes lowercase letters must be taken of the visual readable and expressive. Zep wrote, in general, many versions among which Tebo pick the one that makes him laugh the most while remaining feasible.