coming to Paris to defend his new graphic novel “Cassandra Darke”, Posy Simmonds does not hide his love for France. This cartoonist and novelist uk, famous for his graphic novels Gemma Bovery or Tamara Drewe (both adapted to the cinema with success), returns with a story darker than the previous ones.

Cassandra Darke, old London based cantankerous, misanthropic, overweight, in addition. This gallery of art is not to think that to preserve his house in Chelsea, while after the death of her husband, she finds herself in a delicacy with the justice system for “petty” scams involving the sale of plaster casts of works of contemporary art duplicated and sold as unique. “I was inspired by a famous tale of Dickens that made me cry the first time I had read it as a kid,” says the artist. It is A Christmas carol , this tale where Dickens portrays the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. Cassandra Darke is not …

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