While just out the new movie of Marvel studios, Captain Marvel , let us look at this character super-heroine, the origin of which is to say the least, complex.

Historically several characters of super-heroes bear the name of Captain Marvel. Got rid of first of all first of them, the super-heroes of DC comics (publishing home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or Aquaman…) who was born in February 1940. Very inspired by Superman, this comic is the stage for a child, Billy Batson, who becomes Captain Marvel when he utters the word “Shazam!”. To note, a film named Shazam! of David F. Sandberg, will release in theaters on April 3.

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At Marvel, Stan Lee has very closely followed the peregrinations of the super-hero stamped DC comics. In the early 60’s, he renews the genre by creating a host of new super-heroes (hybridized with monsters), by adding a touch of pop, and a good dose of humor. Stan Lee also adapts its stories to the running of american society, as well as the various upheavals in society, such as the rise of feminism, racism, and the birth of movement as the black panthers, etc

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It is in this context that was born a second Captain Marvel , created in 1967 by Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan. This warrior of the army of the Kriyas in the costume green and white came to spy on the Earth. It was first named Mar-Vell. The spy ends up betraying his own people and becomes a defender of the Earthlings. Good year, bad year, the comics is moving towards the 80’s, where the author Jim Starlin is loaded by Marvel death of Captain Marvel from cancer, due to lack of success.

here comes the second Captain Marvel “House of ideas”. It is created in 1983. this is Monica Rambeau, a lieutenant of the coast guard black New Orleans who possesses the power to transform into any form of energy. Marvel tells of her adventures until 1996. Another heroine named Carol Danvers is going to become Captain Marvel. This character was created by writer Roy Thomas in 1968, and drawn by Gene Colan.

Carol Danvers has often changed name, code name and costume in the course of his career as a super-heroine, employing successively the pseudonyms Miss Marvel (from 1977 to 1980, Ms. Marvel in English), Binary (1981 to 1997), Warbird (1998 to 2002), then to the new Miss Marvel (2006 to 2012) and, since 2012, Captain Marvel.

This super-heroine has just been adapted on the big screen by Disney and Marvel Studios. Like the adaptation of the Guardians of the galaxy , Disney has chosen a license less known to the general public but extremely rich in narrative. On this occasion, Le Figaro focuses on a board from the first comics dedicated to this super-heroine is not up to standard.



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This box taken from the 45th page of the anthology I am Captain Marvel published by éditions Panini, sign the return to the forefront of Carol Danvers, alias Ms. Marvel eight years after the first – brief – appearance in Marvel in 1969. It will change its name in 2011 to become Captain Marvel. Panini Comics

Born at the request of Stan Lee, Ms. Marvel wants to be an echo of the outbreak of the feminist movement in the early 70’s. The young writer Gerry Conway (24 years old at the time) who has already starred with the arc of the death of Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man is given the task of revitalising the character of Carol Danvers.

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in Order to appeal to both readers, he decided to adopt Carol Danvers of two personalities. Ms. Marvel, dynamic, and alluring forms and belly bare -choices that may seem inconsistent with the feminist movement that is supposed to embody this character. But this is going to make his alter-ego Carol Danvers, which will occupy a prominent place in the comics.

This board done by John Buscema is the first of a new series. It is crucial to stage this new heroine in a big way.

the work of The lettering is a lesson in the matter, on the title This woman this warrior the duality of the personality of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel is already explicit. The acronym Ms. Marvel fate as his phylactery and seems to embrace the hair of the super-heroine.

in The first plan, the choice of gangsters anonymous and not super-villains (the scorpion will appear a few pages later) is unequivocal: the only important character is Ms. Marvel.

they have their faces hidden using the bottom, a foot of nose which is rather funny because Ms. Marvel has bare legs. This use, instead of pass mountain, also allows John Buscema illustrate the mines patibulaires of these bandits.

tickets, which escape from the bag thieves are a indication of the near future. The latter will not take advantage of their loot.

Coming from the sky, Ms. Marvel dominates the scene. The text accompanying her entry is compared to a Valkyrie, putting his powers to a level comparable to those of Thor.

Her arms are perpendicular to his body and open palms, where the vast majority of super-hero puts his hands in front with fists clenched. A nod to his past in the US Air Force in addition to the comparison to the Eagle – the symbol also of the US Air Force.

The eight-pointed star on his chest is the same symbol as that of Marvel. Worn by Carol Danvers, it looks like a mixture between the star of the Nova Corps and the US Air Force. Even if in the MCU, the star is the symbol of the Starforce Kriyas.

I am captain Marvel éditions Panini Comics, 25€