Charlotte Empress or the tragic destiny of a “anti-Sissy”


With the first volume of the new saga, the duo of Fabien Nury ( He was once in France, The Death of Stalin ) – Matthieu Bonhomme ( The Man who killed Lucky Luke, The age of reason ) offers a fascinating historical narrative telling the life of a kind of “anti-Sissi the empress”. Drawing grand (Bonhomme maintains the level of perfection reached with The Man who killed Lucky Luke ), humor, cynicism, and historical accuracy are on the program for this series where the romance of the dispute merrily to the political calculations and geostrategic of the time.

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The Great outdoors , or nature, magnified by the imagination of the painters


Lightness told its reconstruction after the loss of his friends of Charlie Hebdo , January 7, 2015. Catherine Meurisse presented today his childhood on the bucolic in The Great outdoors . A childhood made up of a thousand scents, of scientific discoveries, of observation, of freedom, playgrounds and huge green. A garden of eden, where the names of the plants sound like the verse of a poetry of pastoral. When the campaign becomes a poem.

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Malaterre or the crazy odyssey of a patriarch oak


without doubt, This is the graphic novel French the most impressive of the season. The more personal too. It is signed Pierre-Henry Gomont, the author of Pereira claims . This initiation novel tells the story of a family drama at the heart of an Africa which is captivating. Pierre-Henry Gomont does not hide that to complete this story, it has had to dig into his own memories.

Malaterre focuses on the relationship of a father, a manipulative and charismatic with his children. Rider, liar, drinker, reveler… Gabriel Lesaffre has “all” the qualities… without noticing that he has all the faults that go with it. Since childhood, he is in rupture with the family environment. Freedom-loving, it does not support the authority. It emerges with the feeling of having read a great book.

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hope in spite of everything or Spirou faces the horrors of the war in 1940.

Ten years after his superb album The Journal of an ingenuous , which locates the origins of the little bell boy adventurer in the middle of the Second world war, Émile Bravo comes back with the following hope in spite of everything . The first volume of a tetralogy, and the long awaited sequel of the adventures of the character immortalized by Franquin, confronted with the horrors of the war. Barely out of childhood, he goes to live in the dark period of the occupation of Belgium in 1940. He must then cope, accompanied by his friend Fantasio, the bombardment, the painful daily life of civilians, the exodus, anti-semitism, fanaticism, fear and death. But in the midst of the darkness still remain, however the goodness, the solidarity and above all hope.

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Me, what I love about it is the monsters Emil Ferris

Emil Ferris

For his first graphic novel, Me, what I love about it is the monsters , Emil Ferris imagines the diary of an artist prodigy, Karen Reyes, a ten-year-old, who lives in the Chicago of the 60’s, preferring to believe that she is a loup-garou instead of a girl in flowers. Its attractive nearby jewish Anka silverberg quote committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart on the day of Valentine’s day. The small heroine who has taken refuge in his imagination, full of monsters, vampires, ghosts and other werewolves… don’t believe in it and decides to investigate… The album has been crowned by the grand prize of the critics of BD, this year.

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Interviews of short-listed authors:

Allary Editions

Riad Sattouf: “With The Arab of the future 4 , I am free of my family secret”

In the fourth volume of his series of autobiographical, the author of the Books of Esther freed from a heavy family secret. Always with a smile, he came back for Le Figaro the mysteries of this part is the most dark part of its history. And the most moving. In the years following the syrian, the young Riad back in France. His father works only in saudi Arabia and turned increasingly to religion. The young hero feels more and more torn between her two cultures, all the more that things are not going well between his parents. And most of all, his fascination of the father, who émoussait already in the previous albums, turning to a true disillusionment.

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Luz: “It was time that the history of Charlie Hebdo be drawn,”


The artist, a survivor of the massacre of January 7, 2015, evoked in Indelible , his twenty-three years spent in the drafting of the weekly. And the difficulty today to carry this legacy. The one who now lives under heavy security, spoke with emotion and delicacy, the arcana of an album rich of 320 pages.

the First documentaries to be heated, the work atmosphere is vibrant, squabbling and divided explosive fusing of every part, the book offers a dive intimate in writing decimated, there is nearly three years old. Mixing self-deprecating humor and a touch of nostalgia, the book recounts with great emotion the fervent years of the satirical weekly. A book funny, uplifting, between tribute and testimony, where triumph the art of the drawing.

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