The buses left the capital on a new route

Monday, June 15, in Moscow, the buses run on electricity is already on 28 routes. The most recent addition to the list today.

This route 231, which connects the districts of Mozhaisk, Fili-Davydkovo and Filevsky Park. It runs from Belovezhskaya street through SKOLKOVO, Moscow and Mozhaisk highway, metro station “Slavic Boulevard”, the area of Romain Roland to the station of the Moscow underground “Filevsky Park”.

Thus, the buses replaced buses in 28 city routes. Each can accommodate up to 85 passengers. Low floor level and ramps make new vehicles accessible to persons with disabilities and mothers with strollers.

At work the climate control, there are connectors for charging gadgets. Charged electric buses at the end for 6-10 minutes. This is enough for 40-50 miles.

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