The candidate in presidents of Belarus announced the likely termination of the election campaign due to threats

Further participation in presidential race in Belarus has become impossible for Svetlana Tikhanovski because of the constant threats to her children.

the presidential Candidate sent to the editor TUT.BY a video message in which he confessed that she was forced to make the “obvious choice” to abandon the struggle.

the Last call threats did Svetlana when she arrived to Gomel for the start of the campaign to collect signatures.

“On the threshold of one of the administrations I received a call with threats to my life and my children with the condition that I should not continue the trip. I face a choice: children or further the fight, I think my choice would be obvious,” she said.

Recall, may 29, during a rally of Grodno, was detained the head of the initiative group, Svetlana Tikhanovski Sergei tikhanovski and nine others. After a few days at the dacha Tikhanovski near Gomel and his office were searched. In mid-June detained the press Secretary of the initiative group of Alexander Kabanov.

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