The capital of Lebanon protests after the explosion, the demonstrators seized the building of Ministry of foreign Affairs

Members of anti-government rallies in Central Beirut, broke into the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA) of Lebanon.

According to RIA Novosti, the building in the Ashrafieh district came under the control of protesters, who raised over them the flags with the words “Beirut — demilitarized city” and “Capital of the revolution”.

the building of the foreign Ministry became one of the most injured in the powerful explosion in the port, which occurred on Tuesday and destroyed half the city.

As reported later, the TV channel Al-Jadeed, to quell protesters in the building of the foreign Ministry joined the Lebanese army.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Red cross said that the number of victims in clashes with police has risen to 110 people. While 22 people were taken to hospitals.

Protesters are demanding the resignation of the government and aggressive behavior towards the police.

we will Remind, powerful explosion rocked Beirut in the port on 4 August and destroyed half of the buildings in the city. It was assumed that the cause of PE was the improper storage of explosive mineral fertilizers, however, after authorities did not exclude the version of a missile attack or a bomb explosion. Aware of 158 killed and more than 6 thousand victims, but these figures will still grow.