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The CBR considered unreasonable of a fee for transferring money within the Bank

The CBR considered unreasonable of a fee for transferring money within the Bank

the Fee for money transfers within the Bank are unfounded, and the Bank of Russia will ask the state Duma about the new powers to regulate such rates, the statement of the Central Bank, received by RBC.

the Need for such authority is that individual market participants due to the cancellation of “Bank roaming” the limits and additional fees for the citizens for transfers within your network, noted the regulator. “Such actions impede the ability of citizens to freely carry out the transfer. To impose such barriers is unacceptable given the fact that the Bank knows its customer and its payment behavior. In addition, from the point of view of expenses of the Bank such restrictions unreasonable”, said the representative of the Central Bank.

“Bank roaming” (the establishment of the Commission for operations within the same Bank but in different regions) was abolished in Russia from 14 June. The ban in the first place was directed against the Bank, which have established such commissions to their clients. In order to meet the new requirements of the law, the savings Bank has cancelled the Commission since April, but set a free limit of 50 thousand rubles. per month — if it is exceeded, users must purchase a subscription from conducting transfers, regardless of the region or pay a Commission.

we also Recall, today it became known that Sberbank has cancelled the free limit on the money transfers through ATMs since the beginning of summer for the transfer of any amount with them to pay 1%.

at the end of March, the Bank said that all transactions inside the financial institution in excess of 50 thousand rubles for individuals be paid, but now his clients ‘ possibilities to transfer funds without a fee was even less. Now it is more profitable to send money to cards of other banks, said the newspaper “Kommersant”.

In one of the branches of the savings Bank publication confirmed that the previously announced limit of 50 thousand RUB free translations on them nowEph does not apply.

As explained in the press service of the financial institution, from June 2 to changed conditions for intra-Bank transfers “in self-service devices of the Bank, which is about 1% of all transactions.”

While there indicated that most customers use the “Sberbank Online” and “SMS-Bank”, where the translation of up to 50 thousand roubles a month within the Bank were left free.

we will Add that earlier the other financial institution has recorded a growth in the share of failed money transfers through the System fast payments (SBP) introduced by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, after it was joined by Sberbank. Main cause of failure in operations — additional consent to receive transfers via the SBP, which the savings Bank asks their customers was announced last Tuesday by RBC with reference to the representatives of the credit organizations.

at the end of March the savings Bank has begun to connect its customers to the CBP and by the end of may, according to the Bank, hooked up to all of its customers. Initially joining the system, the savings Bank did not want, but was forced to do it because of the made to the legislation amendments required to connect to the ACS systemically important banks.

the quick payments (SBP) service, which began operating in late 2019 and allows individuals immediately (24/7) to transfer money to the mobile phone number of yourself or others, regardless of which Bank accounts of the sender or recipient of the funds. This requires that these banks were connected to the System of quick payments. Access to the system is possible through a mobile app banks connected to SBP as on a smartphone or tablet and computer. In addition, through ACS you can pay for goods and services through a QR code. Currently the system has approximately 40 participants, to connect even preparing up to 160 credit institutions.

In late February, the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation decided to reset from April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022 their rates for the banks in the System of quick payments transfers between individuals. As explained by the regulator, “this will allow credit institutions to provide their customers — individuals translation services in SBP also free or at minimum rates”.

last year, banks have acted a grace period, when the Central Bank did not take a fee from them for operations in CBP, they are free was before January 1, 2020, but then the regulator began to take a Commission equally as the sending Bank and beneficiary Bank.

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