The CEC has estimated more than 50% of the votes on the amendments to the Constitution

amendments to the Constitution supported 76,22% of Russians against — 22,94%. This is evidenced by the CEC data after processing 51,13% of protocols of precinct election commissions.

Preliminary results of voting have changed since the data was recorded after counting 30% of the ballots. Then, according to Pamfilova, the amendments to the Constitution were supported by about 74%, against were less than 25%.

As reported TASS, Pamfilova also said the recount of ballots in four polling stations in connection with possible violations. However, she pointed out that the General results of such a recalculation will not affect.

so far, Moscow has considered 27% of the ballots of those who took part in an internal vote. According to public staff, which refer to “RIA Novosti”, the amendment was voted about 66% against to 33%.

In St. Petersburg after counting 11% of the ballots support of the amendments was higher than the national average. For made of 81.99% of residents, against less than 18%

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