The CEC presented the results of processing of 99,9% of the protocols after the vote on the amendments to the Constitution

For amendments to the Constitution voted 77,93% of Russians against — of 21.26%. These are the data of the CEC of Russia by results of processing more than 99.9% of protocols of 7:00 GMT.

turnout in the country amounted to nearly 65%.

some regions have already counted 100% of protocols. There, as follows from the data, the majority of voters of Russians supported the amendments. In particular, in the Chechen Republic voted 97,92% against of 1.94%; in Kalmykia over — 84% against — 14,95%; in the Republic of Tyva in — 96,79% against — was 2.99%.

However, in the Nenets Autonomous district the number of opponents of the amendments were more of those who supported them.

Separately summarized e-voting: in Moscow the amendment was supported by 62.3% of participants were against 37,7%; in the Nizhny Novgorod region is 59.7% and 40.3%, respectively.

a nationwide vote on the issue of amendments to the Constitution was held a few days from 25 June to 1 July. This was done to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

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