The CEC summed up the first results, before the polls closed:

the Russian Central election Commission published the first results of voting on the changes that the government proposed to amend the Constitution “for” vote for 72.8% of the vote against 25.9 per cent. This data is the calculation of 0.79% of the ballots.

According to the results of the calculation, 74% of protocols for amendment to the basic law, including the potential “zeroing” terms which Vladimir Putin held the post of President, was already more than 74%.

As reported by the Agency Ella Pamfilova, the turnout to date has exceeded 60%.

Chief-editor Dmitry Kolesov commented that “unlike regular elections, when the publication of preliminary election results is prohibited until the closure of the last plots in Kaliningrad, this time, the CEC begins to issue the results of voting in the far Eastern regions in the course of voting.”

While the far Eastern and Siberian regions, where elections have already ended, demonstrated strong results in support of the amendments. In Chukotka “for” was more than 83% of voters, on Sakhalin island — 74%, in Primorye — 73%, in the Khabarovsk and Transbaikalian edges 71 and 70%.

a Bit of an outlier in this list is Yakutia, where “zeroing” welcomed 65% of participants “national survey”.

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