The Chairman of the

State rallied to attack groups of Russians because he sees in them a mythical threat, the Chairman of the “Open Russia” Anastasia Burakova. In her opinion, it proves a sentence of the St. Petersburg involved in the case “Network” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia).

“unfortunately, this was to be expected. We saw time in the Penza case, because there was no doubt that the so-called St. Petersburg cell is similar punishment. The FSB and other power structures never give back,” said Burakova.

In her opinion, the persecution of anti-fascists, and other cohesive groups, while favoring Pro-government nationalists — the modern trend in Russia, and the repression continues.

“I see it as another slap in the face of justice, a slap in the face to the judicial system that fits into the overall concept of Themis, which is not simply closed his eyes, and put out completely when it comes to political and parapolitical stories when on the other side of such an influential institution as the FSB,” — concluded Burakova.

we will Remind, on June 22 announced the verdict defendants Victor and Julia Filinkova Boyarshinova, which was accused of involvement in a terrorist organization and the preparation of the rebellion. Young people appointed seven and five and a half years imprisonment, respectively.

the building of the 1st Western military district court at this time St. Petersburg held a protest. According to recent reports, detained 28 people.

in February, sentenced seven more defendants “Penza things”. The referee gave them from six to eighteen years of imprisonment. Human rights activists and professional community have repeatedly called for the release of the defendants. Of torture by FSB and falsifications told by the defendants themselves.

read More about the “Network” and its inconsistencies read in the near future in the article “Rosbalt”.

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