The chamber has identified 66 violations during the execution of the budget in 2019 in the field of justice

the chamber has found 66 violations and shortcomings in the execution of the budget of 2019, the Ministry of justice and its subordinate FSIN and FSP, said in message the controlling Agency.

According to SP, the main violations of the Ministry of justice relate to the preparation of the annual budget reporting and accounting. In addition, the violations in public procurement and control over the activities of subordinate agencies. The report also JV noted that the annual report of the Ministry of justice on the implementation of the state program “Justice” makes it impossible to fully assess the effectiveness of its implementation.

the Federal penitentiary service and the Federal bailiff service the majority of violations and shortcomings connected with the implementation of the Federal targeted programmes and the Federal targeted investment program. In addition, the identified violations of the legislation on contract system in procurement of goods, works and services. In this regard, the SP will send an appropriate appeal to the FAS.

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