The chamber: On the Federal highway is 8 times more than regional

the Maintenance of Federal roads is costing the Russian budget up to 8 times more expensive than the maintenance of regional trails, according to the chamber.

According to the audit conducted by the office, in 2019 for the maintenance of 1 km of Federal roads accounted for about 2.2 million rubles, and on 1 km of the regional — 288 thousand rubles. At the same time on trails of regional or intermunicipal value allocated an average of 29.6% of regulatory requirements.

currently, 84,8% of the Federal road network meets the regulatory requirements, and for regional roads, the figure is 44.2%. P

when it was revealed that the Agency, when calculating budget allocations took into account the length of the road sections that are either virtually absent, or not operated, or the category did not meet the requirements of rules of classification of roads. Also noted was the very low level of competition in the market of road works. Savings on results of trading amounted to no more than 1%, the main share of all public contracts concluded with a single bidder at the starting price of the contract. In this region revealed numerous violations of the law.

the chamber has proposed the government to revise the rate for maintenance of roads and to legislate the criteria for classifying roads to the appropriate level of content and method of distribution of budgetary funds.