The chef told me how to choose meat for shashlik

chef Sergei Mikhailov gave some advice to the readers of “Rosbalt” on the choice of meat for barbecue. According to him, should not focus on a particular kind of meat: lamb, beef or perhaps pork. It all depends on the preferences of a particular person. However, there are General guidelines. So, you should choose meat with fat layers, but these taste the quality of the future of barbecue is not limited.

“Fat meat is also a matter of personal preference. Still, among cooks there is a belief that the taste of the meat, forms fat. In my opinion, should not be taken too dry, for example pork loin or chicken. Everything is better with layers of fat that melt transfer to the meat during the cooking process. In the end, the barbecue will taste better,” — said Mikhailov.

In his opinion, with the product is not to go to the market. The meat on display is often subjected to processing to visually it look better. Some sellers watered it with water that increases the weight of the product. There are no credible assurances about the expiry date and meat products, said the chef.

“I would recommend to choose the meat is individually vacuum-Packed. It should tilt and see that the liquid does not accumulate in the corner. Otherwise evidence of improper storage conditions. Pay attention so that no more than two thirds of the shelf life. Unlike the product on the market, there is a check, also specified by the manufacturer, who had to make a claim,” he listed the advantages of Mikhailov.

He added that the product must be of natural color. So, should abandon the lamb is too pale, or, conversely, dark colors, like summer sausage. This could indicate the staleness of the meat.

we will Remind, in Petersburg operates fire-fighting mode. Until July 26, the citizens are prohibited in the Park area of the city and to build a fire. Roast meat is in eachtheir places.

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