The Chelyabinsk regional court found econometrica innocent on charges of spreading

the Chelyabinsk regional court quashed the district court’s decision to fine alzamiento Sergei Belogorokhova, charged with distribution of a fake. As reported ekozaschitnik the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the proceedings under part 9 of article 13.15 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation (abuse of freedom of mass media) is discontinued.

In July 2019 that residents of Roza and Korkino heard the sounds of explosions. The source of the explosions has not been installed. Ekozaschitnik wrote a comment, suggesting the likelihood of the worst consequences, when they started new businesses. Police found guilty Belogorokhova in publications on the possible implications of work in the area of construction Tominsk GOK (GOK), and drew him to administrative responsibility.

“If the regional court upheld the district court’s decision, I was ready to go further up to the ECHR, because there was the wildest violations of the law. The regional court considered our appeal, to six months, conducted the examination,” said Belogorokhov. According to the conclusions of the linguistic expertise, text published Belogorokhova, does not provide information about what the explosions did Tominskiy GOK and that the failure caused by the explosions at the plant.

Earlier, the district court of Chelyabinsk appointed Sergei Belogorokhova a fine of 40 thousand rubles., which is now cancelled.

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