It is past the 200th place in the world to the 56th in the space of a few months. The incredible increase in the Elo rating – the equivalent of the chess players of the ATP in tennis – the grand master of the Czech Igor Rausis, fifty years past, astonished by the specialists who did not understand how he had also been able to grow rapidly after years of stagnation in his game.

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Suspected by the arbitrators who suspected trickery, cheating, digital, imagined by Igor Rausis has just been discovered at the tournament of Strasbourg. The machinations woven by the professional gambler is as simple as it is effective. Before each game, the master was hiding in the toilet with his smartphone, on which ran a scan engine. It was enough for him to go see a few short minutes during critical moments in the fight brain to become almost unbeatable.

“I simply lost the head.”

Igor Rausis

This revelation is cruel to Igor Rausis, a true chess master. A regular at the French circuit for decades, this player enjoyed an excellent reputation. Certainly attracted substantial gains, it did not resist to the sirens profit of what we might call a form of doping in digital. After the discovery of his smartphone in the toilet, he has not tried to deny the facts, but immediately said, making an act of contrition: “I just lost the head”.

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cheating digital represents a bane to strategic games and, in particular, for the failures since some twenty years now. The Fide (chess Federation) takes this problem very seriously. There goes the survival of the game of the kings as well in classical competitions and in the competitions cloud that flourish on the Internet. To identify the alleged cheaters, the officials of the arbitration Fide have developed statistical tools that allow you to track the performance suspicious.

statistical tools to combat cheating digital

This is the incredible bond to the classification of Igor Rausis who put the chip in the ear, Laurent Freyd and Yuri Garrett, the two arbitrators who have discovered the machinations of the grand master. “A commission of fair-play closely follows the evolution of the performance of players based on the mathematical work of professor Keneth Regan. When the statistics do not correspond to the standard, we seize the arbitral body”, explains Yuri Garrett. In the case of Igor Rausis, whose laptop was found in the toilet, there will be an investigation, and only after, a penalty will or will not be taken. “The anti-cheating is only the beginning, concludes the secretary of the ethics commission of Fide. We know that and we defend our passion, the game of chess and its practice.”