The chief controversial Pokrovskaya hospital became a Hero of labor

Among the awardees by the President to the Day of the doctor and was the chief physician of the Pokrovskaya hospital Marina Bakholdina. St. Petersburg residents remember the numerous scandals that accompanied the work of the medical facility during a pandemic.

a Decree on awarding honorary titles of doctors published on the Kremlin website, all the names barely fit on 236 pages.

At the same time Bakholdina, along with Denis Protsenko, was one of five doctors who have made a “great contribution to the fight against coronavirus”.

the Scandals accompanied the Street since mid-April, when the hospital staff asked for help to the Prosecutor of St. Petersburg Sergey Litvinenko and the Governor Alexander Beglov. The doctors said that the hospital is absolutely not ready to reception of patients with the coronavirus. They called the hospital to translate for a mode of infectious hospital, to provide personal protective equipment, remove the quarantine offices, as well as to share in the hospital “dirty” and “clean” areas.

on 22 April it became known that the resuscitation of the intercession of the hospital Sergey sapina confirmed coronavirus. Before that, he was doing invasive ventilation for a patient later confirmed COVID-19. April 17, the doctor recorded a video message in which he said that the fault for the infection of employees Pokrovskaya hospital with coronavirus lies with the physician Marina Baholdina, as it is, according to sapina, did not provide staff with personal protective equipment.

may 7, in the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to dismiss the chief physician Marina Baldachino due to the fact that the omission of the head allegedly led to acute staffing crisis in the hospital, and the infection of staff and patients. Activists claimed that it was due to the head physician of the hospital allegedly has not received the status of infectious hospital.

on may 27, Pokrovskaya hospital conducted a service. Photos shared the anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the companies Sergey Sayapin. Medic complained na lack of priests PPE in the midst of a pandemic.

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