The chief doctor of the Botkin hospital in St. Petersburg, explained why the coronavirus should not be treated independently

self-medication for the infection by the coronavirus can lead to cardiovascular diseases and other diseases. About it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, said the chief doctor of infectious hospital. Botkin Denis Gusev.

He called to call the doctor even if “light” manifestations COVID-19, because only a professional can prescribe the right medication.

“is widely used hydroxychloroquine. The drug is well-proven in the treatment of coronavirus infection, but there are features that are associated with age, concomitant cardiac disease, especially with disorders of rhythm, so everyone this drug can not be assigned”, — said the doctor.

According to him, self-treatment can have a negative impact on the functioning of the heart. The doctor cited the example of how the different methods of working with patients who contracted the coronavirus in the form of light.

“somewhere, there are cases that are close to the asymptomatic course of the disease, a minor short-term increase in temperature may be generally no symptoms. Or mild cough, which does not cause any clinical problems. And there is still light when temperature is up to 38, there are manifestations on computed tomography initial form of pneumonia. That is, there is need slightly different treatment. There we have appointed antibacterial drugs,” said the doctor.

According to the latest data, in St. Petersburg has registered 19 thousand 446 cases COVID-19, died of 482 people.

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