The chief of police in Missouri was a victim of the riots after the death of African American

the head of the city police Moline acres and a retired police captain of St. Louis (Missouri) David Dorn became a victim of the riots after the murder of a police officer of an African American in Minneapolis.

As the channel ABC, 77-year-old Dorn was shot on may 2, when he tried to prevent the robbers of the pawn shop. The man was a friend of the owner of the pawn shop and frequently check the status of the store when the alarm is triggered.

we will Remind, on may 25, police in Minneapolis arrested the African-American George Floyd. During the arrest, a police officer stood with his knee on the man’s neck. Floyd shouted that suffocating, but the police paid no attention to it. In the end, the man died in the intensive care unit. This caused mass protests and riots in the United States.

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