The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health: We must enter into labor groups

the Chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun suggested to allow the labor groups of experts, which will be the identification of drinkers on the work of the Russians.

As reported “Interfax”, Brun admitted that experts “don’t really want to see in the workplace”. “But we have to enter in groups, to identify those abusers and offer treatment or rehabilitation activities,” — said Brune. He stressed that today the unions have not engaged in the problem of drinking on the job.

Brune added that alcohol consumption in Russia per capita is an average of about 11 liters per year — at a rate of 2 liters. He also pointed out that against the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus and the restrictions imposed in the country increased sales of antidepressants, and he believes that this also applies to alcohol. The doctors do not see these people, because they don’t seek help. “But it can be reasonably assumed that the amount of alcohol consumed in isolation, growing, and no wonder there is a growing mortality”, he stressed.

earlier today, Brun said that in Russia the death rate of the working age population in the first three months of 2020 has already exceeded the figure for the same period of 2019.

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