The child dropped from the pedestal of the bust of the XVIII century Tsarskoe Selo (photo)

the Museum-reserve “Tsarskoye Selo” July 22, an incident occurred involving a minor visitor. In the Catherine Park, the child thrown from the pedestal of the bronze bust of a dying giant, not without serious damage.

As reported in the social networks Agency, the security service responded quickly to the situation and to act. The boy’s father has written off all negligence.

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Jul 23, 2020 at 8:04 PDT

“the Experts will assess the damage done to sculpture of the XVIII century. During the fall affected not only the bust but also a column of the gallery. The boy’s parents have to reimburse the costs of restoration,” — said the press service.

Add a sculpture cast from antique original 1794. The author is a master of EDM Gastly.

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