The childhood home of Tyutchev in the Armenian lane took under protection

the Moscow authorities have approved the subject of protection of the three-storey building of the main house of Gagarin-the tyutchevs in the Armenian lane, the house 11, building 2.

the Department of cultural heritage said that the modern look of the building was purchased in the late XVIII century, after the rebuilding by the architect Matvey Kazakov. The architectural appearance of the house, and building materials, and even the location of the house on the plan are of particular value, and change them banned, confirmed by the experts.

the childhood Home of Tyutchev has in addition to the architectural and memorial value, and also plays an important role in the compositional structure of the Armenian lane. The building is considered the prototype of the 2nd home Starsobesa in the novel of Ilf and Petrov “the Twelve chairs”.

Now that the experts involved in the subject of protection almost every detail, including the decor and its location on the plan of the city, spending some work only in accordance with the approved subject matter of protection.

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