The children's Ombudsman warned what can die a child left in a parked car

to Leave the baby alone parked car is very dangerous. Commissioner for the rights of the child in St. Petersburg Anna Mityanina said, what a tragedy can happen “in a couple of minutes of” the absence of parents.

on a hot summer day the child may die due to overheating and lack of air.

“In hot weather in a closed car, the temperature is able to reach 50-60 degrees Celsius. If to this we add a lack of oxygen, after 15 minutes in the body begin irreversible changes. In addition to the heat from the high temperature occurring toxic fumes from leather and plastic, which trimmed interior,” said the Ombudsman.

in addition, there is a risk that the child will be entangled in the seat belt and strangle themselves. As dangerous automatic Windows.

the Kid can bring the car in motion, accidentally hitting the Parking brake. The car may move down in a ditch or into water if near the pond. But if inside were the keys, then repeating a number of simple operations, the child will be unmanageable in the car.

can Also occur and incidents beyond the control of the child at any time in the vehicle may hit another vehicle; the car may be towed away or stolen, it can strike lightning.

in Addition, there are cases when in the heat on the road failed asphalt, formed deep pits. This can happen in the moment when the child is alone in the car.

According to the Commissioner, annually in Russia due to the negligence of adults in enclosed vehicles killed about 15 children.

“Dear parents, you are responsible for the life and health of their children. Therefore, never leave your child in the car and don’t make him helpless in a hostage situation. Misfortune can happen very quickly,” added the Ombudsman.

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