Orange opens up to the dance. The wanted Jean-Louis Grinda, the new director of the Chorégies. “The gesture is deployed against the wall of the ancient theatre and bed as anywhere else”, he says, to counter the fears of those who think the space is too big for the dance to survive. On Monday night, when Jean-Christophe Maillot has led the pre-general Romeo and Juliet in the ancient theatre of Orange, it has been entered. And who wouldn’t be? The raw pink of the stone, the columns on the board, and a flight of stairs and the door in the wall of the bottom opening, bearing a mystery to the Magritte in this wall is 37 meters high… “We danced this Romeo at Herod Atticus, but the effect had nothing to do. The stone is gray,” he says. “There, I fired,” he says, speaking of the set design of white panels designed by Ernest Pignon Ernest, “just kept the two panels as well as brackets to frame”.

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