With the Cirque Eloize, it is in the real circus. Not in the big productions almost television-type Cirque du Soleil. Here, everything is more family friendly and good child. A dozen artists, including three musicians, is enough to make this show. Everything in this world is a little bit of everything: acrobatics, juggling, chinese pole… numbers of very high quality, wonderfully executed. A unique décor serves as the backdrop to this Saloon where to happen the things: we drink, we dance, we have fun, we mime the life. It is also sent in the air – in a literal sense -, either with the hand or by means of a rocker when even a lamp post.

This circus has made, such as the cirque Plume, the choice to give its performances on a stage rather than on a track. This approach is decidedly theatrical, which allows the spectators to be very close to the artists and have the exhilarating impression of being one of the guests of this saloon crazy and full of surprises. Musicians and singers provide the final touch to the whole. A mixture of poetry, acrobatics, good humour and the pace invigorating. At the Maison de la dance in Lyon, where we saw for their first in France, the audience gave a thunderous applause.

Maison de la danse de Lyon (Eighth), until 25 November, and then to the Theatre in The 13th Art (Paris Xiii), from 28 November to 6 January 2019.