special envoy to Beychevelle

Cities of the silent, majestic buildings, landscapes, calling the contemplation, the walls of the centuries-old château de Beychevelle, wine-growing area of gironde, which capture the contemporary aesthetics of François April. Until 10 September, this jewel of the 18th century, nicknamed the ” little Versailles of the Medoc, home to, with the support of the galerie Huberty Breyne, thirty works of the one who made the urban landscape, his main source of inspiration.

A boardwalk, urban and very graphic taken directly from the imagination and memories of this tireless flâneur. The creations of monumental and François April, contemplate in all the spaces of the castle and its wine cellar. In the middle of the stainless steel tanks no less monumental, three paintings high of ten meters, will exhibit its cities chimeric. Cities reinvented architecture sophisticated in which there emerges a spontaneous nature.

“When I discovered this fascinating place, I am immediately asked how I was going to apprehend him. There is no possibility of snagging. Given the size of the tanks, it had to be something monumental. It was not color, which would have created a whole cacophonous. I decided then to adopt an industrial aesthetic, and come to my universe Beychevelle”, explains François April guide privileged with a private tour. “Water Tanks” of the roofs of new york reminiscent of the tanks, trees in stylized form illustrating the landscape of bordeaux. “Here intertwine my visions of the cities of New York and the rural landscape of Beychevelle, symbolized by the irruption of trees stylized that will punctuate the entire exhibition, as a thread”, he explains.

The winery of the chateau of Beychevelle embellished works of François April. Mary Genevoix

The unshakable strength of the stone walls of the winery unveils a mural of 40 feet of a landscape reconstructed, inspired by the superb perspective it offers, up to the Gironde, the French garden of the castle highlighted with centuries-old trees. The thousands of barrels then come into resonance with the work, revealing the symbiosis between the sleek style of the artist and a place highly charged with history. Paintings inspired breton scattered in the area complete to magnify this gracious covenant.

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Landscape inspired the Britain. Huberty Breyne

“The universe is elegant and stylish of François Avril fits perfectly with the place, welcomes Philip White, the director of the castle. And remember how the harmony between contemporary art and that of wine gives meaning to this exhibition.”

The thousands of barrels to the cellar are an integral part of the fresco streamlined François April. Mary Genevoix

The history between the castle and the art world does not date from yesterday. With a residence of artists in the 1990s, a partner of the famous writing workshops equinox, in connection with the Sundance founded by Robert Redford, and formerly under the patronage of Jeanne Moreau, Beychevelle has always wanted to boost its image through the item “It is our way to keep the place alive and attractive,” concluded the boss. The aesthetic purity of François Avril might help.