The city authorities are not fully prepared to remove the restrictions before mid-July

Moscow authorities do not plan to withdraw in full force in the city’s temporary restrictions until mid-July. With such a statement, as reported by the Agency “Moscow”, made by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin. “Every week we look looking back: what happened, we have sustained this pace, could not resist? If you count from may 12, then I think that before the middle of July, the remaining restrictions will not shoot accurately. This is a two month transition period, and every time at this voltage. We are looking to not break anything”, — he said. According to Sobyanin, when prosperous epidemiological situation the city authorities on 22 June will be ready confirm open from June 23 to stationary food service establishments. Let’s add, that on June 9 the first stage was opened in Moscow hairdresser, was repealed by the mode of self-isolation, digital pass and schedule of walks. 16 June — the second stage removal of restrictions — resumed the work of zoos, real estate office, services, rental, advertising and consulting agencies, showrooms.

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