The work of Alain Bashung, Gaby to Vertigo of love through My little company marked the French public. Nearly ten years after his disappearance in 2009, the voice of Bashung resounds again: the album upstream , was released on 23 November. The singer is surrounded by several collaborators like Dominique A, Raphael and Daniel Darc. Post songs that have remained in the drawers of the artist at the time of his living is not self-evident. Evidenced by the opposition of Jean-Christophe Buisson and Gregory Leménager in the Clash Culture.

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Gregory Leménager is upset by this voice from beyond the grave. Everything has been done to it is put in value. The agreement is with a simple accompaniment almost unique to the guitar. upstream , in addition to its emotional charge, is artistically interesting. Chloé Mons, the wife of Alain Bashung has appealed to the talented Edith Fambuena, who had worked on the album Fancy Military in 1998.

arguments that are sufficient to make it fully legitimate upstream according to the reporter from Obs . Of course, Alain Bashung had refused to see these titles in his album the testament, petrol Blue . The only reason is that they mentioned the death and not that their quality péchât.

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Jean-Christophe Buisson opposes this explanation. For him, the songs of upstream , from the moment they were released by Alain Bashung, should not be published. He wants to proof to the astonishment of Dominique A, composer of Immortal , when he learned that the title would be in the tracklist of the album. According to the journalist of the Figaro Magazine , it is a moral obligation.

as Alain Bashung was known for being a big perfectionist. What would he have thought of songs where his voice, in addition to being that of a man suffering, is not quite mature? When an artist is dead, it is necessary to accept not being able to hear, even if his songs and posthumous are as beautiful as those of upstream .