After almost ten years of absence Bertrand Blier was able to convince Gerard Depardieu and Christian clavier, the two heavy weights of our cinema, to follow him in his new adventure film, special transport , which comes out on the screens. Like every week, in the studios of le Figaro Live, our two bretteurs vor, that are Jean-Christophe Buisson’s le Figaro Magazine , and Gregory Leménager (Obs) have discussed, with their bitterness, habitual and always a half-smile to his lips, and qualities (and defects) of the last film of the director of cultissimes Balls .

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In this game, which, again, lasts for 6 minutes on the clock, Christophe Buisson has opened the hostilities, denouncing the poverty of the scenario: “It is two types… There is one that is rich, the other that is poor and then it will drift together… And the film this is it, this is nothing.” Close the ban.

in the Face of this devastating attack but said in a tone dangerously close to hometown, Gregory Leménager instantly becomes the advocate of a cause that seems, after barely two minutes of debate, almost desperate. To try to regain the advantage in this part evil committed, cleverly, he concedes in a first time that some of the arguments of his opponent are quite acceptable. The counter-attack begins soon after. The journalist praises the audacity of Bertrand Blier, who at 80 years of age, has managed to keep all of his creative audacity.

The stubborn benevolence of Gregory Leménager will not, however, to convince Jean-Christophe Buisson, good player, will leave the final word to his critic…

Watch in full, below, the debate on the last film of Bertrand Blier, which has opposed Jean-Christophe Buisson and Gregory Leménager.

The Clash Culture: Blier-Depardieu-Keyboard, three big names for a small film?

Clash Culture : Blier-Depardieu-Keyboard : three big names for a small film ? – Look on Figaro Live

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special transport by Bertrand Blier, in 2019, with Gérard Depardieu, Christian clavier, Farida Rahouadj, Alex Lutz, Alexandra Lamy, Sylvie Testud, Edward Baer…

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