She was awarded the prix Renaudot in 2015. His psychological thriller, based on a true story , told the story of a novelist weakened by the success falling under the undue influence of a fan way Misery (Stephen King). This week, Delphine de Vigan published appreciation , a book about the life of a person of the third age in a long-term care facilities.

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Gregory Leménager admits to having “loved this book”, despite the end of the novel, “a little lower”. According to the columnist of Obs , Delphine de Vigan takes a “topic of concern today” the plight of the elderly abandoned in long-term care Facility, “without the treat with pathos”. However, appreciation is not a novel to put at the same level as based on a true story , says the reporter from Obs . It is, above all, for him,’a little book, simple enough, with characters simple enough” and “well built”.

For his part, Jean-Christophe Buisson reviled a novel “cartoonish”, “missed” and full of good feelings. Moreover, he claims that an overabundance of dialogue that are detrimental to the story. He describes feeling “sad” and “disappointed” by a work unworthy of the talent of a novelist such as Delphine de Vigan which he deplores the fall, which began with his previous book loyalties . And the chronicler of the Figaro Magazine to quote Andre Gide: “It’s with beautiful sentiments that one makes bad literature”.