Double lives offers a deep dive into the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, her publishers, her manuscripts, her loves. The film revolves around Alain (Guillaume Canet), editor lively and Leonardo (Vincent Macaigne), a writer depressed. This one publishes in this one. Until the day of the rupture, when Alain put an end to their contract and to their friendship. On the side of their love life, they are unable to hear the desire of their wife (Juliette Binoche and Nora Hamzawi), and adulterers are followed by arguments.

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“This is not a great movie,” warns Gregory Leménager of the Nouvel Observateur . Even so, the satire that Olivier Assayas is developing in the world of publishing and of the environment “left bank”, is not lacking in humour or cruelty. The director takes this framework to investigate the mutations of the contemporary era. Here represented by the digital books. Because Olivier Assayas brings to the stage the amorous intrigues on the background of changes in society, the columnist of Obs does not mind comparisons to Eric Rohmer.

Jean-Christophe Buisson, le Figaro Magazine sees nothing as brilliant. Double lives inspired him with a profound ennui. Look at the consequences of the e-book? In addition to being dated, the subject does not merit, according to him, to be brought to the screen. It remains, therefore, a vaudeville that lack of realism. All the characters have the air of rich, live in idleness and in the money. In short, Olivier Assayas cartoon the world of publishing.