The closing of copyright bars in St. Petersburg explained the compromise with the citizens

the Idea is to close bars and other drinking establishments to a small area due to the compromise between dissatisfied citizens and restaurateurs, according to the author of the bill, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Denis Chetyrbok.

As he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, entrepreneurs should only praise for Guild solidarity and “orchestrated campaign” of opposition.

“But still urged not to rock especially young people and to operate with real facts and not rush under the banner of really fake and untrue slogans, for example, that the law will destroy all the bars and restaurants of Petersburg, which is, of course, wrong. Closed not all,” said Chetyrbok.

According to him, it turned out that not all the initiators of the statement critical of the bill are owners of less than 50 meters. It is necessary to consider the opinion of other residents, the MP said.

“we Have so many Petersburg residents, who are in favor of a total ban, they strongly opposed them very much. We must seek a compromise, taking into account not only the opinion of those who love bars, but those who like a quiet life and believes that homes should not be sold alcohol. We could impose a ban that authority we have, but we chose a middle ground”, — explained the Deputy.

All the statements of the author of the bill Dennis Chetyrbok read soon in the “Rosbalt”. The reporter also spoke with a disgruntled restaurateur and author of the protest petition, which last week scored more than 14.6 thousand signatures.

Recall that on 8 July, the St. Petersburg Parliament adopted in third reading a bill banning the operation of food service establishments of less than 50 square meters, located in residential buildings and sell alcohol.

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