The coach told me how to play sports in hot weather

Coach Vera Sosnova gave some tips on how to exercise in the heat, so as not to harm health.

According to her, jog and train in the street better in the morning or after 18:00. Training in extreme heat is fraught with heat stroke, warned the coach of the organization “Running community”.

“Under the strong sun can not be run, as during physical exertion impaired thermoregulation, increases the temperature of the body,” she said, reports the Agency “Moscow”, noting that “even professional athletes choose the right time for training.”

Specialist called upon to do runs where there is shade, in parks, woods, along roads with lots of trees. The coach also advises for training in hot weather, choose light and comfortable clothes of bright colors and be sure to wear a hat. Pine recommends that you do not forget in the summer while running in the heat is to use sunscreen. Before and after training the coach believes it is important to take a cold shower.

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