“A special year.” Éric Ruf has opened yesterday the presentation of the new season of the Comédie-Française with a focus on the future work of the Salle Richelieu. The director general confirmed the closure of the historic scene paris from 1 April to end of October 2020. Several months of work to achieve a repair of the hangers and improve the access to the room for people with reduced mobility. Amputation of Richelieu, Éric Ruf has found refuge at the Théâtre Marigny. For a rent, some parts will therefore be relocated in the halls of the theatre directed by Jean-Luc Choplin. “A game of Tetris”, because it has had to adapt to the configuration of the room at the bottom of the Champs-Élysées.

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Next scene, the season is beautiful in many productions of figures from the 7th art For his first test with the troop, Christophe Honoré, which comes …

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