The Commission of Moscow city Council refused to provide documents requested by the Declaration Shaposhnikov

the Commission of Moscow city Council has not provided documents to queries about the Declaration of the speaker of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. As reported by MP from “Fair Russia” Mikhail Timonov, it quoted the “Echo of Moscow”, the meeting of the Commission on control over reliability of declarations passed at an accelerated rate.

While the video stream was interrupted in five minutes after the start, says Znak. The meeting quickly turned, and members of the Commission did not have time to study the documents. It was decided to establish a working group on this issue.

we will Remind, the scandal caused the size of declared income Shaposhnikova — almost 2 billion rubles. He explained this amount of sale of the securities. Nine deputies from the faction “Yabloko”, the CPRF and the party “Fair Russia” initiated the process of distrust Shaposhnikov.

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