The Committee for culture, prepared to rename the station

the Committee on culture of Petersburg has prepared a draft resolution of the city Governor Alexander Beglov on changing the name of the metro station “Novorostovskaya” with “Zenith”.

“to Amend the decree of the government of St. Petersburg from 23.06.2014 No. 536 “On the name of the metro” by replacing in paragraph 1 of the resolution the words “Novorostovskaya” — South-West of the house № 15 along the Northern Dor. (code name “Novorostovskaya”) with the words “Zenith”,” — reads the draft resolution.

Previously, the Toponymic Commission of Petersburg has recommended to rename the station “Novorostovskaya” in “Zenith”. The initiative addressed the management of football club “Zenit”.

the Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov said that the name of the subway station, associated with tourists and fans with the football club “Zenit” will make it easier to search for maps and guidebooks.

“in addition, next to the stadium is a sports complex, where they spent their home matches of the volleyball club “Zenit” and basketball club “Zenit”,” he said.

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