The Communists of Russia, called for an end of disklinatsii of the unbelieving people in St. Petersburg

the St. Petersburg branch of the Communists party of Russia is asking the city authorities to allow the pickets. The statement they sent to the Governor Alexander Beglov.

representatives of the organization believe it is a logical step after the opening of the temples. “We cannot allow Church services and to preserve the ban on public events not associated with religion,” said Secretary of the Committee of the St. Petersburg branch QPCR Alexander Rachmaninov.

“the Party wants to authorize a single and group of pickets (up to 15 people), subject to participants in these activities the necessary measures anti-epidemic protection (the observance of social distance not less than 1.5 meters, wearing of PPE, disinfection of party paraphernalia, posters, banners and flags)”, — stated in the letter to the Governor.

the Communists promised not to involve the pickets of the elderly, not to expose them to the dangers of infection.

“If the city authorities permit visiting temples and will retain the ban on the pickets, it would be a clear discrimination against the unbelieving people — believe in the party. — The city has accumulated a lot of sensitive issues and politically active citizens, as believers, should have the right to hold their shares with respect sanepidemiology standards.”

we will Remind, in Petersburg churches June 5, was allowed to resume services. Also, citizens can visit the cemetery, subject to security measures — social distance, mask, gloves.

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