No respite in the case of R. Kelly. After having given an interview “the truth” on CBS, early this week regarding a potential assault of child pornography, and he denied in this block, are the girlfriends of the lead singer who fly to his rescue. Between the ages of 21 and 23 years old, Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage were “absolutely” in love with a singer of I Believe I Can Fly , on the same tray.

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During this interview, the two lovers have swept all the allegations that he would use the women living with him as “sex slaves” and were of the view that his accusers were motivated by money. “We live with him and we have a liaison with him,” said Azriel Clary. “It is a very strong relationship,” added Andrea Savage.

and Then, Gayle King, who was conducting the interview, sought to learn a little more about their relationship with R. Kelly, especially on the intimate part of their married life. After having listed all what they do with him like watching movies or going to the park together, Azriel Clary’s response was scathing to the journalist in him, reminding him that there were “people in the world who have several girlfriends” and that she was “not here to talk about his personal life” . However, it seems that the parents of the young woman reacted by making more soon as a declaration contradicting his words, stating that their daughter was “suffering manipulation and psychological abuse inflicted over years by R. Kelly.”

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Finally, before you burst into tears as his companion did the 6 march, Azriel Clary has rejected the stone on parents with declarations shocks. The latter reportedly asked to lie about his age and realize photos and videos of her naked and for her to have sex with R. Kelly.

On march 7, after the singer has been placed in detention for non-payment of alimony to his three children, police in Detroit indicated that it was investigating a new allegation of sexual abuse against the singer. It would be a young girl aged 13 years old at the time of the alleged crime, in 2001.