He received us boulevard Haussmann, in the parisian premises of his company, Alain Delon International Distribution (Adid). Denim shirt and beard of three days, the painful hip, one of the myths of French cinema and even a global look at the twilight on his work and on the time. Walls, floors, chairs, desks, coffee table, the lower plot of his universe is littered with memories. Here, a film poster ; on a pouf, albums, ajar of the life of Romy Schneider ; above a couch, the black and white photo of Mireille Darc on a beach. Everywhere, in a frame or just pinned on a wall, bust or magazine cover, his face. Most of the time alone, sometimes in the company of another legend, Edith Piaf and Carlos Monzón, entered in the prison cell in which he had brought out with the support of the head of State of argentina, Carlos Menem. “The following week, he was killed by …

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