The Constitution demanded to put a ban on foreign real estate for officials and deputies

the Constitution of the Russian Federation demanded to make the prohibition for the representatives of public authorities at all levels and members of their families on foreign ownership of real estate. The petition posted on the website of the Russian public initiative.

the document notes that the proposed amendments to the Constitution introduced a ban on foreign accounts and contributions for officials not to allow “additional restrictions that create the potential for pressure”. “We believe that the presence of such persons and members of their families, in the ownership of foreign real estate is the same burden, in exactly the same order for some reason (actually, it is clear why) handed down the brackets”, — said in the petition.

the Authors note that foreign real estate of officials and deputies contributes to the output of the Russian economy, considerable financial resources, including earned through embezzlement, and opens the possibility of creating such “statesmen” spare springboard for their comfortable life in case of an emergency the end of his career. For the relief of such risks it is necessary to legally forbid officials and deputies from owning property abroad.

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